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The movement for #avocadotoast has certainly reached new heights in the last few years. Instagram has over 250,000 #avocadotoast posts!!!avocado toast

The demand for avocados are at an all-time high and the price (at least here in Canada) has responded to the market demand. $2 for 1 avocado? In my opinion, it’s worth spending the extra money on these little nuggets of deliciousness. However, for those of us that don’t have access to ripe avocados 24/7, what could we replace it with?IG toast

More on toast topper ideas come, but first I wanted to start with the TOAST piece.

What type of bread are you starting with? I’ve always recommend sprouted grain breads whenever possible due to their impressive nutrition benefits. Silver Hills Bakery is a local company here in BC who has set the bar high for great tasting bread with a superior nutritional content.silver hills

Compared with regular whole grain breads, sprouted grain breads have more:

  • Soluble Fibre
  • Folate
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamin C
  • Easier to digest molecules
  • Manganese
  • Calcium
  • Protein

Firstly, what does the term “SPROUTED GRAIN” actually mean? Think of sprouting as UNLOCKING ¬†NUTRITION

Think of sprouting like a 3-step process:

  1. Whole grains all start as SEEDS that have a protective outer later filled with vitamins, minerals and other valuable nutrients.
  2. When the seeds are SOAKED, enzymes are activated to tell the seeds to grow or SPROUT
  3. It is the GROWTH or SPROUTING process that releases more of the nutrients and allows the grains to become easier to digest.

Why does this matter?

boost your brain

From left to right: hummus + sliced cooked beets + hemp hearts; almond butter + blueberries + hemp hearts; avocado + sliced tomatoes + balsamic glaze

Sprouted grain breads provide complex carbohydrates and B vitamins to fuel your most important organ – the BRAIN! Top your toast with some omega-3-rich and high antioxidant options such as: hemp hearts, walnuts, chia seeds, blueberries, beets, tomatoes, and of course everybody’s favourite – avocado.


elevate your energy

From left to right: hummus + sliced cucumber; almond butter + medjool dates + cinnamon + pecans; greek yogurt + cream cheese (mixed – 1 Tbsp each) + raspberries + honey drizzle these last 2 were my favourites!!

Sprouted grain breads are low glycemic, high fibre and a source of protein. This combo provides a steady release of energy so you’ll be good to go all day long!!


From left to right: peanut butter, banana, chia; avocado + egg + frank’s seasoning salt; hummus + diced cucumbers + red peppers

Say “bye-bye” to bloat and hello to a bread that is easy to digest. The sprouting process releases more of the good (vitamins, minerals) and less of the bad (phytic acid, enzyme inhibitors).

I had lots of fun creating these toast toppers. Next time I need to invite some taste testers over so that I don’t end up with 9 pieces of bread to eat to myself!!

Happy Toasting.silver hills1toast toppings


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