Sweet & Spicy Watermelon Cooler

In the summer months, it would be a shame not to take advantage of all the locally grown, fresh seasonal fruit. I LOVE my water, but sometimes I crave something with a little more pizzaz! If you’re thinking “Happy Hour” give this one a try. The spice can be easily adjusted by using less jalapeno or taking out the seeds altogether.

Sweet & Spicy Watermelon Cooler
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
A fresh and light summer 'mocktail'
Recipe type: Beverage
Cuisine: vegetarian, gluten free, hydration, spicy, sweet
Serves: 4 servings
  • Watermelon - 4 cups sliced or diced
  • Lime - juice of 2 limes
  • Lemon - juice of 1-2 lemons
  • Cucumber - ½ peeled and chopped
  • Jalapeno - ¼ - ½ depending on how spicy you like it
  • Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydration - lemon lime and/or berry flavour
  • Ice - optional
  1. Place all ingredients in a high-powered blender and blend until well mixed or pureed.
  2. Add additional ice to make a 'slushie' consistency.

watermelon photos1As the name suggests, watermelon is over 90% water! It is also a great source of vitamin C and the carotenoid/antioxidant lycopene. At only 46 calories and 9 grams of sugar per cup of watermelon, it certainly makes a delicious and nutritious base for smoothies, drinks and summer cocktails. watermelon photos

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