Europe 2015: The Food – Part 3

DSC_0526Part 3: Rome, Italy 

The Mediterranean diet has been touted for its’ health benefits for many years; fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood, grains, olive oil and red wine – sounds like a great diet to me! However, in major cities and within the touristy areas it is easy to fall into the carb-trap. Pizza, pasta and gelato are definite items to try “while in Rome”, but these high carb, dense foods do not have to take over your diet. While we certainly enjoyed these traditional and indulgent foods, the key is to balance them out with lighter, healthier items.DSC_0527Roasted Italian vegetables are DELICIOUS! I would highly recommend splitting the pizza or pasta and ordering these on the side, especially if you’re getting bored of the same old tomato cucumber salad. That being said, my husband Brian usually orders the ‘naughty’ food and we share :) Here are some of the other delicious meals we had:

Brian's Lunch Order: Roman Steak'n'Eggs at the Westin Excelsior

Brian’s Lunch Order: Roman Steak’n’Eggs at the Westin Excelsior

Crystal's Lunch: Smoked Salmon and Greens

Crystal’s Lunch: Smoked Salmon and Greens

We were recommended to eat at a very historic ristaurante in Rome – Da Pancrazio. It serves traditional Roman food and is unique in that it was built over the Theatre of Pompey’s ruins where Julius Caesar was murdered. It is situated in a beautiful courtyard and has been running as a restaurant since 1922.

Da Pancrazio, Roma

Da Pancrazio, Roma

Da Pancrazia1

Cannelloni & Pasta. Certainly not our typical order

Da Pancrazia

Not much has changed since 1922!

Unfortunately we just ordered the wrong dishes. Da Pancrazio definitely had the potential to be a great spot with the right food order. Overall we enjoyed our experience here, although I think the wine may have been the best part of this meal.

Ponte Sant'Angelo with Castel Sant'Angelo in behind. This was taken just outside of Vatican City.

Ponte Sant’Angelo with Castel Sant’Angelo in behind. This was taken just outside of Vatican City.


Roman Colloseum


Outside the famous Roman landmark!


Flexing my muscles – ready for battle


With 20,000 tourists per day, it was well worth paying for a ‘skip-the-line- tour!




One of the Roman Fountains just outside St. Peter’s Basilica

One of the most scenic square in all of Rome

One of the most scenic square in all of Rome

Inside the ruins of the Colloseum

Inside the ruins of the Colloseum

Unfortunately we only had 2 days to explore Rome. I would most definitely return to Rome to explore all the beautiful sights and indulge in more pistachio gelato :)

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